Alone in the Universe

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Alone in the Universe

Post by StarsofOrion on Wed Jun 26, 2013 10:30 pm

A poem inspired by existentialism Smile

Alone in the universe, is this a blessing or a curse?
When there is no judgement day on the horizon
Who is left to gauge the severity of your mistakes but yourself
Life is without meaning
My world will not have a fairy tale ending

Is there anyone out there, somewhere on the other-side of nowhere
Will little men in flying saucers come and take me away from here
God called in sick yesterday with a depression that will never-end
Humans are a plague, a dirt stain infesting the stars
I called in sick yesterday, my mind imploding with questions that will never be answered

Am I truly alive?
Do I have a purpose?
Maybe I'm nothing more than a speck of infinity, left to rust in the depths of time
The flickering beacon amongst a city filled with the low hum of mechanical lights
Defectively human, void of divine light and inner knowledge

I am a being alone in the universe
With no one to truly understand me but myself
The bubble of innocence has burst and I'm left with
A freedom that has brightened my mind and blackened my soul


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Re: Alone in the Universe

Post by kailen on Sat Jun 29, 2013 12:41 am

I like the realization of lifes pitfalls in this poem life does leave us hanging from the gloomy tree sometimes well worded
I understood the chain of thought about purpose and losing the simple life of childhood too a hostile life that forces our hand.
The universe is as big as you make it governed by autonomy of those within

Stay Golden

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