The Exodus

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The Exodus

Post by kailen on Sun Mar 24, 2013 7:08 pm


The last Moon glimmers as stars dim Guiding the Children of Eden towards new beginnings unafraid together hand in hand as free spirits

In the zenith of a starlit horizon The sun has closed its unblinking eye Dodging the shadows while seeking Endlessly

The Exodus has begun and with it left the taste of tears behind Lifes divides erased as greed falls back to the empty void cleansing the souls of many with nothing but the memories of who it possessed

His name once transcribed in our souls foolishly versed by stumbling sciences no warning heeded reversing all as promised saving the best of mankind and removing the scum in an instant of painless retribution Unknown sounds spread disturbance changing the lands and ruining mans childish plans like a mothers hand attentive waves washed away the wicked and twisted thoughtless structures alike from the land while crashes of earths pulse reduces countless soulless spires to the ground before there masters undeserving eyes lifting the burdens of constructed Monuments built in place of feeding the starving mouths of many poor symbols of ego of man fall leaving no trace behind

Panoramic views begin to surround the righteous and true without a scratch inflicted pandemic forgiveness Leading them back to the source

A Gateway and chance to start again and live the lessons we have learned Only the Purest are given this The rest just fade into the future til all that’s Left is the rust and memories of what was as everything falls back to the sea

Winds fanned flames blocked our route Together hand in hand we stepped on through fear was banished and no pain followed protected by shadows that danced around us in excited leaps

litter torn open surrounds removed from view I awoke to breathe as if for the first time the voices stopped and all lay still waiting to wake as if from a dream slowly things came into focus

We where back to the Beginning our last chance to change Eden lost found through the ashes like the phoenix we rose with his terms changed

So like the Ant we rebuilt and with the bees we collected a fair share spreading the chorus with the blackbirds we sung in each day

lies,greed and mainstream we’re never seen again nor a mouth left hungry we were truly pure again

As the eldest faded The young grew strong mindful learning through song that tomorrow becomes today before too long

P.O.D 2013]

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