My Perfect Night

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My Perfect Night

Post by Audreymoonchild on Mon Mar 19, 2012 8:13 pm

My perfect night?
My perfect night.. I lay on his bed. Kissing him.
And after we're done being intimate, we're still not done.
We're affectionate and we cuddle.
We fall asleep in each other's arms and dream about our
future together because our love is so strong our thoughts,
our minds, and imaginations become an entity in itself.
As the moon wanes on and it becomes day, the dewdrops fall and evaporate,
and sunshine falls onto the back of his dark blondish hair.
The room fills with light and I open my eyes and see him,
watching me awake into this perfect morning.
It's not too hot or too cold. He says to me "you look beautiful, how'd you sleep?"
And I respond with full honesty, "that was the best night of sleep I've ever gotten."
and it was true,
because nothing could have made me happier on that perfect night.
So I lay my head on his chest gently, and caress the curls of hair on his head,
then draw circles on is chest with my finger, his light complexion glowing beautifully.
He kisses my head and plays with my violet locks of hair.
We lay there, caressing each other, nothing could be more perfect.
Our bodies and souls become one, in the stillness of the morning. and then he says "I love you"
And our love was real.

And then I wake up.

My alarm clock buzzing loud as can be glowing a bright lime green. The time reads five o'clock a.m and reality hits me.
I'm alone, in a house with three other people.

I'm alone in a room full of things with no sentiment.

I'm alone in my bed, homework scattered everywhere.

I'm alone. I dwell on this thought for a moment, and tears begin to fall down my cheeks.

No white sheets. No perfect sleep or morning. No perfect weather.

No Him.

Just ugly Texas weather, cold and heartbreaking.
Just a Texas morning, cars passing by with people on their way to work.
Just a fort worth day, just another day of being alone, in a city with millions of people.
Just three hours to school and I need to get ready, ready to be alone for the rest of my life.

* I Changed it a bit.. cause i don't want names to get out and ruin his rep.
Feedback please? Smile

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Re: My Perfect Night

Post by kailen on Tue Mar 05, 2013 1:01 am

Well thought out just remember being alone prepares
You for being alive

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